See why thousands of golfers choose GolfLogix GPS by Garmin to increase their shot confidence and lower their scores.

"It's technology you can trust because GolfLogix GPS is powered by Garmin, a worldwide leader in GPS. You owe it to yourself and your golf game to experience this innovative and cutting edge technology. GolfLogix golf GPS really is an easy, automatic, and guaranteed way to improve your game and increase your fun."
- Peter Kostis, Top Teaching Pro and TV Golf Commentator
"There are not that many sure things in life, but this golf GPS is one of them. It's so simple, you just turn it on. It gives you the yardage for the entire round. You never have to touch it again. GolfLogix gps lets me relax, enjoy my game, and not run around looking for yardage markers."
- Gary McCord, Champions Tour Winner
"What I found about GolfLogix gps...the #1 thing is that it is simple. You don't have to hit any buttons, you don't have to read any menus, you don't have to read any instructions. Just turn on your golf gps and play golf."
- Brian Nelson, 4 Handicap
"GolfLogix GPS gives you a great deal more confidence in your club selection and it's a lot easier and a lot more fun when you are using a GPS rangefinder. GolfLogix is marvelous. It's going to be on my bag from now on."
- Jim Manwaring, 7 Handicap
"GolfLogix golf gps makes it much easier than getting the laser rangefinder and trying to see and shoot at the pin."
- Karen Jordan, 20 Handicap
"It was really nice not having to search for sprinkler heads and walk off the distances. I just drove up in the cart, put the GolfLogix GPS next to the ball and I knew exactly what the yardage was."
- Don Dempsey, 8 Handicap
"This really helped my play because I didn't have to go up and look for the yardage and add or subtract something. Golf GPS gave me the distances right there in front of me."
- Maurice Weir, 12 Handicap
"With GolfLogix GPS for golf it's just fantastic. You pull up to the ball, you look at the unit, and you know exactly where it is to the front, middle, and back of the green and all of the hazards. It makes golf very simple."
- Greg Corns, 5 Handicap
"I was skeptical. I thought how is it possible that GolfLogix could improve on something that was as good as the golf GPS rangefinder that I had already been using. And I honestly believe GolfLogix is much better."
- Wayne Anderson, 10 Handicap
"You turn it on and you never have to fool with it the rest of the round. It's constantly giving your distance, it's great. You can be a little reckless with it because it is durable, 100% waterproof, and at the end of the day it's still going to calculate all of my distances."
- Scott Willits, 0 Handicap
"It definitely speeds up play. You don't have to go looking for sprinkler heads or poles."
- Jim Bowes, 10 Handicap
"The GolfLogix definitely gives you more information. It gives you where the bunkers are, how far to carry it. It was just right on!"
- Bill Dunley, 13 Handicap
"With the GolfLogix, it gives you a much better overall picture of what you are looking at versus a regular laser rangefinder or another type of a GPS."
- Dan McKinley, Teaching Professional