Is GolfLogix easy to use?
GolfLogix and Garmin have been offering the best GPS products in the golf industry for more than 8 years and thousands of golfers enjoy our user-friendly products on the most beautiful courses around the world. Our user interface was designed around extensive testing and golfer feedback. We have surveyed thousands of golfers over the years and have made continual improvements prior to launching our recent consumer model. Our goal always has been to provide accurate distance information in the easiest way possible. We look forward to your feedback and have plans to continually improve our product.
What advantages are there to having GolfLogix GPS vs. Cart-Mounted Systems or other yardage devices such as range finders?
A handheld GPS device, such as GolfLogix GPS, offers more flexibility during a typical round of golf. You can bring the GPS to the ball and get more accurate distance data. Unlike other laser devices, there is no need to point and aim or have a direct line of sight to the hazard or hole. Additional advantages of owning a GolfLogix GPS are its superior GPS functionality and unparalleled durability. GolfLogix GPS is completely waterproof and shock resistant allowing it to hold up to years of dependable use in all weather conditions.
How do I get golf course maps on my GolfLogix GPS?
Included with your initial purchase is access to download a single golf course map of your choice. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the Quick Start Guide located in the box to download the Course Manager Software from the link on our homepage Then follow the registration and activation screens on your computer to obtain your free golf course map. With our annual membership, for only $29.95 you can download an unlimited amount of golf courses worldwide and have access to GolfLogix product enhancements and upgrades.
How many course maps are currently available at GolfLogix?
Currently GolfLogix has over 39900 course maps in the database and are adding more every month. Our course mapping technology is not only highly efficient but designed to address the worldwide golf community. We are actively mapping courses around the world and ensuring their accuracy. We are the only company that performs annual reviews of each golf course map and makes appropriate adjustments based on users’ feedback. GolfLogix recognizes that course mapping is a detailed complex process and we have a mapping department to efficiently handle each request.
Can I map my own course?
GolfLogix does the mapping for you and includes all of the pertinent information you need to have an excellent round of golf. As a premium product, we feel a responsibility to provide the service and support that you need rather than have you do the work. We carefully map each course and include the pertinent hazards/carry points on every hole. We use a variety of aerial and satellite imagery to map our courses. One advantage of using this method is that we will be updating our maps once per year to reflect the changes that are made at the golf courses. In fact, we are the only company that performs a review of each course map annually. We welcome input and additional course information from our customers and are in the process of developing a program to capture all feedback data.
What happens if you don’t have my course on the list?
Included in our software, we have a Request-A-Course feature that provides golfers with their requested courses in 14 business days (often times much quicker, 3-5 days). If you have not purchased your own GolfLogix GPS yet, just send us a quick email with which course would you like to have mapped and we can have it done for you and then you can check back on our website to see when it is available.
What is GPS and do I need to pay an additional GPS subscription fee?
GolfLogix uses GPS technology that is made up of orbiting satellites that transmit GPS signals. The system was developed by the US Department of Defense and is now used in many commercial applications. There is no fee to receive the satellite signals. GolfLogix has developed the GPS technology to make it simple for golf and has made all of our golf course maps available online. There are no additional fees beyond the purchase of the GolfLogix GPS product besides the optional annual membership to download unlimited golf course maps.
Is using a GPS distance device during your round a violation of USGA and R&A regulations?
The USGA and R&A both recently sanctioned the use of satellite-based yardage measuring devices during competition. Specifically, decision 14-3/0.5 allows a committee to permit the use of distance measuring devices by Local Rule. Golfers should check with their golf professional prior to use in a USGA sanctioned event. GPS devices have always been permitted in handicap scoring in recreational rounds.
Why doesn’t GolfLogix GPS come with a custom rechargeable battery?
The GolfLogix GPS by Garmin runs on (2) AA batteries, alkaline or rechargeable. Both GolfLogix and Garmin believe that it is much more convenient to use standard-sized AA batteries that are readily available to users when using outdoor GPS devices. The majority of golfers keep their GPS units in their golf bags with the rest of their golf equipment. With a custom-size rechargeable battery pack we found that many golfers have a tendency to forget to remove their GPS unit from their golf bag and plug it in to recharge prior to every round and if the custom-size battery pack fails during the round, there is no easy solution to recharge it on the course and continue use. With GolfLogix GPS you can simply purchase alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries at anytime, anywhere.
How long will one set of AA batteries last?
Our device can run off of (2) high drain AA alkaline batteries such as Energizer or Duracell and they will last up to 17 hrs. We believe that a golf GPS device should be stored in your bag and you shouldn't have to remember to charge it and risk leaving it at home. Simply put 4-AA alkaline batteries in your bag and you will be set for the next 6-8 rounds. The most cost-effective method is to use a standard 4-pack of NiMh AA rechargeable batteries with a wall charger. Most high quality rechargeable AA brands will power our device for 12-14 hours and can be recharged hundreds of times for thousands of rounds of golf. See our accessories section to purchase rechargeable batteries directly from GolfLogix.
How much will the AA rechargeable batteries cost me per round?
The most cost-effective way to power your GolfLogix GPS is to purchase a standard battery charger with (4) AA rechargeable batteries. With this solution, you can charge all (4) batteries at once and keep (2) in your GolfLogix GPS unit, and (2) charged spares in your golf bag. There are many top brand names that sell these products online or see our accessories section to purchase rechargeable batteries directly from GolfLogix.
Can I use GolfLogix on multiple computers such as my home desktop PC and my laptop while I am traveling?
Absolutely. We have designed our software with the knowledge that golfers travel both on business and pleasure. Just bring along your GolfLogix GPS, along with the USB-to-serial cord and you can download the software on any compatible computer. To download, simply go to and click on the Download software link.
How many courses can I load on GolfLogix at one time?
The GolfLogix unit can hold the distance information for up to 20 courses. You receive one free course with every GolfLogix purchase. With the unlimited membership of $29.95 annually, you can download an unlimited amount of courses to your computer that will be accessible for one year. You can then select and load courses from your computer to your GolfLogix unit, up to 20 at a time. At anytime you can change the selection of courses on the unit, provided your membership is active. After one year, if membership is not renewed, you will only have access to the first free course.
I want to buy one of your devices but my course is not on your list. Can I request a certain course to be mapped?
Absolutely! If your course is not listed in our Find a Course area, simply contact us and include the name of the course. A course map will be created typically in 5 – 7 days and we will email you as soon as the map is available. We are mapping courses on a continual basis but give priority to requested courses so we encourage you to contact us.
What are the differences between GPS and laser range finders?
When you walk up to the first tee box the GolfLogix GPS tells you all of the pertinent hazards and carry distances. When you walk or drive down the fairway GolfLogix GPS displays the front, center, and back of green distances. There are no handheld GPS companies that provide precise distance to pin. The main advantage of GPS over laser devices is that you don’t need line of sight to get distance. If you hit a ball on another fairway GolfLogix GPS will still give you distance whereas a laser range finder may not. Another advantage with GPS is that you don’t have to work to get your distance, you just look down at the screen without having to point and shoot the lasers.
Where can I find a list of international courses?
We are adding to our international course database daily. If your course is not listed, please contact us and enter the complete name and address and keep checking back. Expanding our database with top quality course maps is one of our top priorities.
Can I use my other Garmin device with your software?
No. GolfLogix has been working with GARMIN for the past 8 years in developing the optimum GPS for a golf application. Although GolfLogix GPS resembles the eTrex device, the firmware that is being used is not the same and it cannot be simply loaded to your existing system without causing operational issues.
What types of mounting options do you have?
Each retail box includes a multi-use bag/belt clip and we offer different mounting options for golf carts, bags, etc. Link here to our web store to see our accessory items.
Is a yearly subscription necessary?
We provide one golf course download for FREE and our annual membership is $29.95 for unlimited course downloads. In an effort to keep things simple we only provide two plans. There are a number of advantages to our $29.95 annual membership. Customers will have full access to our worldwide course database and can choose to download unlimited courses. Members also have access to our Request-A-Course Feature where they can request any course that is not on our list to be mapped. Finally, our mapping team reviews each course map on an annual basis and adjusts for any changes the course may have made, change in hole order, movement of greens or bunkers, etc. Our auto adjustment feature will automatically upgrade all of the downloaded courses on your computer.
How does the unit measure/display greens?
GolfLogix displays the distance to the center of the green and the green depth. As with our entire product, simplicity is key. We have worked to keep the green information simple and accurate to facilitate a quick, hassle-free round of golf. We also show up to six hazards per hole which includes distance to hazards as well as carry distances.
Where can I buy a GolfLogix unit?
Click here to visit our purchasing page. You can buy the unit online by clicking Buy Now or find a local retailer.
Can I download new software to upgrade my original GolfLogix to the new GolfLogix GPS-8 so that I can have additional memory and capture last shot distances?
The new GolfLogix GPS-8 is a completely different system in both hardware and software and therefore software upgrades on our last year model is not possible. Although the exterior is very similar to the original GolfLogix, internally there were many changes made to accommodate additional memory, include Garmin's high sensitivity GPS and much more. GPS is moving at a rapid pace and, as with all electronics; companies frequently need to advance to new platforms to add major features. Garmin, our hardware GPS provider, encouraged us to upgrade to the new platform to access their advanced technology. We do recognize the interest from our existing members in these new features and pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. If you are interested in trading up to our new GPS-8 unit, please contact us.
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