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See why thousands of golfers choose GolfLogix GPS by Garmin to increase their shot confidence and lower their scores.

"There is not that many sure things in life, but this is one of them. It's so simple, you just turn it on. It gives you the yardage for the entire round. You never have to touch it again. It lets me relax, enjoy my game, and not run around looking for yardage markers."

- Gary McCord, Champions Tour Winner

"What I found about the GolfLogix...the #1 thing is that it is simple. You don't have to hit any buttons, you don't have to read any menus, you don't have to read any instructions. Just turn it on and play golf."

- Brian Nelson, 4 Handicap

"GolfLogix gives you a great deal more confidence in your club selection and it's a lot easier and a lot more fun when you are using it. GolfLogix is marvelous. It's got to be on my bag from now on."

- Jim Manwaring, 7 Handicap

"GolfLogix makes golf much easier than getting the gun and trying to find and shoot at the pin."

- Karen Jordan, 20 Handicap

"It was really nice not having to search for sprinkler heads and walk off the distances. I just drove up in the cart, put the GolfLogix GPS next to the ball and I knew exactly what the distance was."

- Don Dempsey, 8 Handicap

"This really helped my play because I didn't have to go up and look for the yardage and add or subtract something. GolfLogix GPS was right there in front of me."

- Maurice Weir, 12 Handicap

"With the GolfLogix GPS it's just fantastic. You pull up to the ball, you look at the unit, and you know exactly where it is to the front, middle, and back of the green and all of the hazards. It makes golf very simple."

- Greg Corns, 5 Handicap

"I was skeptical. I thought how is it possible that GolfLogix could improve on something that was as good as the GPS rangefinderÊthat I had already been using. And I honestly believe GolfLogix is much better."

- Wayne Anderson, 10 Handicap

"It's technology you can trust because GolfLogix GPS is powered by Garmin, a worldwide leader in GPS. You owe it to yourself and your golf game to experience this innovative and cutting edge technology. GolfLogix really is an easy, automatic, and guaranteed way to improve your game and increase your fun."

- Peter Kostis, Top Teaching Pro and TV Golf Commentator

"You turn it on and you never have to fool with it the rest of the round. It's constantly giving your distance, it's great. You can be a little reckless with it because it is durable, 100% waterproof, and at the end of the day it's still going to calculate all of my distances."

- Scott Willits, 0 Handicap

"It definitely speeds up play. You don't have to go looking for sprinkler heads or poles."

- Jim Bowes, 10 Handicap

"The GolfLogix definitely gives you more information. It gives you where the bunkers are, how far to carry it. It was just right on!"

- Bill Dunley, 13 Handicap

"With the GolfLogix, it gives you a much better overall picture of what you are looking at versus a regular laser rangefinder or another type of a GPS."

- Dan McKinley, Teaching Professional

As a golf guy to the core, and someone in the industry (writer/blogger/consultant) this thing is so cool. Downloads are simple, the big screen is easy to read in all types of light and it is stone dead on. It is military grade tough and with the two button operation, you can't screw up, or waste time pushing buttons. Arrive at ball, check yardage, hit shot. Just that simple.

- CB Maxwell, Golf Today, California

Goflogix is one of the best purchases I have made. I used a rangefinder for years but I got tired of pulling it out of my pocket and then shooting the pin. With the golflogix I can get yardages even if I do not have a clear line of sight. My home course is a 9 hole course and they provided a professional mapping of the course which no other company can provide. The golflogix is not only a great product but their customer service is the best I have encountered since I began playing golf. You cannot go wrong with golflogix.

- Ivan A., West Virginia

As long as you listen to your customers and try your best to provide the service and information that they want, you will do great. It is refreshing to find a company that cares about their customers. Keep up the good work.

- Ron C.

Golf Logix is great. I just got it last week and used it for the first time sunday. Worked perfect and made club selection much easier. Look forward to getting many years of great use out of it.

- Chris A., New Jersey

Please pass my compliments on to your team. They map courses requested very promptly.

- Earl

I have used the GolfLogix on two different courses now and it is great. I know I gained at least 3 strokes yesterday, by knowing the front and back green yardages. I am able to put the ball much closer to the flag now.

- Phil S.

Thanks for your quick response to this request. Here are a couple of things that might interest you. I am retired but work part-time at Nevada Bob's Golf in Lexington, KY to support my golf habit and because I love the game. We sell both Sky Caddie and Golflogix. I chose Golflogix because it is a superior unit and, therefore, a better value than Sky Caddie. I have a very good friend that bought Sky Caddie from us a year or so ago before we sold your unit. We played together today, from the same cart, and used my Golflogix unit while a playing partner used the Sky Caddie in another cart. My friend was so impressed with my Golflogix he said he will buy one of the Golflogix units and give his Sky Caddie to his son-in-law. The real kicker though is that he lives in the Prestonsburg area of Eastern Kentucky and is a member of Stone Crest Golf Course. He asked his golf pro there to give Sky Golf permission to map this course. The pro refused so my friend had to walk the course and map it himself. I made a simple request to you to add this course and it was done within 5 days. No hassle!! Needless to say, Garmin / Golflogix is the GPS system I will continue to use and sell.

- Carl R., Kentucky

I wanted to let you know how great I think your Golf Logic unit is. I received my new unit the day before leaving for a 3 day golf outing. I was able to download the courses very easily and, better yet, be able to use the unit immediately without reading the instructions. It seemed to work perfectly and it met or exceeded my expectations.

- Don T.

I bought this unit because it is built by Garmin. I hoped, because of that, it would be a very good piece of equipment. I have now played well over one hundred holes with it, and I love it!!! My course was not on the list of courses, so I emailed GolfLogix and my course was ready to download in 5 days. All the yardages that I am given by the unit are very accurate and reliable. I am very happy with this purchase.

- Keith Z., Michigan

The unit is easy to use and easy to read. It's so easy a cave man can do it!

- Bjorn R., California

I am new to GPS, and I am amazed at how accurate the GolfLogix GPS is. When I stood on the 150 yard sprinkler head, the GolfLogix GPS screen showed exactly 150 yards. I am very impressed.

- Don B., Oklahoma

I have owned other Golf GPS devices and by far this is the easiest and most accurate.

- Karen V., Florida

I will tell everyone I see at the golf course about this product and the speed that the course was mapped.

- Keith G., Missouri

Wow! You do go the extra mile with your customers.

- Scott H., Kansas

GolfLogix adds courses so quickly. When I request a course it is added in a few days!

- Paula C., New York

This is a great product! Updating software and general software management has been effortless. The unit has proven to be very accurate. I have shaved at least 9 strokes (or more) off of my game. I look at the distance, pick a club and swing.

It has actually been a training device. I now know what 65 yards looks like or 50 yards or even 95 yards. My short game has improved exponentially. Not to mention the subtle differences of knowing whether you are 210 or 187 yards out.

Thank you for making my game look good!

- Rick H., Pittsburgh

Recently purchased a Golflogix unit so I don’t have to share my wife’s GPS unit, which happens to be a competitor’s unit. After using the Golflogix for one round, I can safely say that you’ve hit a home run (or perhaps hole-in-one). Your unit is MUCH, MUCH easier to use. Stepping to the first hole of my home course, a quick glance gave the distance two bunkers and the dogleg WITHOUT PUSHING A BUTTON!!! When sharing my wife’s unit, by the time she provided the distance to the bunkers, I was already in one! The fact it uses standard batteries means I can play multiple rounds in a day if I wish. Being waterproof is another advantage. On top of that, your software is also much easier to use, and your annual fee is less. Did I mention that your method of getting new courses mapped also tops the competition? If I were the manufacturer of a certain brand of GPS device, I’d be very, very worried.

A very pleased customer.

- Dan

But you know, the Golflogix is good, really good. It has helped me lower my scores (but, not my slices) by making me aware of the yardage to the front of the green.

It is accurate and works in areas that the Sky caddie does not. In addition, my friends with Sky Caddies have been unable to get info about some local courses. Not so with the Golflogix. It was even able to give me info for a 14 hole course (Millbrook in Framingham. MA).

Keep up the good work. The software downloaded to allow the device to hold 10 courses (and my having read the PDF that told me how to scan through the courses) makes the Golflogix the distance finder of choice.

- R H Price

ps, now, if it could only hold videos on golf instruction....

I have had my Golflogix for about a month and have played 6 different course with it. I used to use a Bushnell pinseeker range finder and I enjoyed it but I really love my Golflogix.

I have friends who have the sky caddy and have had troubles with downloading etc. The downloading process with Golflogix couldn’t be easier. I love the way it’s “always on” when I’m playing. I actually feel I am playing better( scoring better) because of the info provided by my Golflogix.

Just wanted to pass along how happy I am and to say “thanks “ for making a great product.

- Perry

Thank you for such outstanding service!! You far succeeded any expectations possible. You are an outstanding example of customer service.

GolfLogix was easy to use out of the box. GolfLogix performed flawlessly the first time. GolfLogix make club selection effortless on the course. GolfLogix creates a better golfer. GolfLogix provides the self-fulfilling prophecy or Pygmalion effect.

- Curtis H.

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