How do I add & remove clubs from the “In My Bag” feature?

The following is how you add and remove clubs from the "In My Bag" feature.

1) While GolfLogix is open, go into "Settings" and then "In My Bag".

2) To add a club, press the plus "+" symbol in the upper right hand corner and type in the name of the club you wish to add, then press "Save".

3) To remove clubs, press and hold down the club and then drag it off the screen. You will then be prompted to delete the club.

How do I delete previous rounds I played?

The following is how to delete rounds on the Palm Pre. We are currently working on an update that'll allow you to edit previous rounds as well. Please follow the steps below to delete rounds.

1) Open the GolfLogix Application, press "Rounds" and go into "Previous Rounds".

2) In the Previous rounds played screen, press & hold the round you no longer want and drag it to the right, off the screen and then press "Delete" when prompted.

How do I edit previous rounds I played?

The following steps are how to edit previous rounds in the GolfLogix application.

1) Press the 'Rounds' option in the GolfLogix tab in the upper left hand corner.

2) Next, press 'Previous Rounds' and select which round you wish to edit.

3) Once the round is selected, press the 'My Score Card' option and then press the red 'Edit Score/Stats' button.

4) From here you can choose what hole to edit and following the screens to edit the score/stats. Once the hole has been edited, press 'Continue Playing'

You will need to repeat this process to edit addition holes.

How do I use the “Measure My Shot” feature?

When you use the "Measure My Shot" feature, make sure you press "Measure My Shot" before you start walking/driving to your ball. Then, when you get to the ball it'll show you the yardages and then press "Log My Club". Finally, select the club you used and press "Continue Playing".

How do I uninstall the GolfLogix application?

The following is how to delete the GolfLogix application from your Palm Pre.

Press and hold the Orange key on your keypad and then tap the GolfLogix icon.

You will be prompted to "Delete" the application; press "Delete".

I received a new Palm Pre Smartphone, how do I transfer my membership to it?

To transfer your membership from one supported Smartphone to a new supported Smartphone. Follow the instructions below:

1) Go to and log into your profile. Once in your profile, go into “Settings” and then select “Transfer Membership”. There will be on-screen instructions from there.