Before you sign up

How much is the GolfLogix application?

There are two versions of the GolfLogix application; Club & Champion Member. The following are descriptions for both memberships:

Club Member:

Free lifetime membership with GolfLogix which includes aerial imagery of each hole, if applicable, score & statistics tracking, access to all 25,800 courses mapped and 4 player scorecard capabilities. First 24 hours of Club Membership grants you access to all the Champion Membership features. After the 24 hour trial is over, you will be asked to ‘Become a Champion Member’ or ‘Continue as a Club Member’.

Champion Member:

Annual $39.95 membership which includes all Club Member features as well as GPS yardages on Hazard/Layup & green screens, ability to measure your shot and log your club.

Creating your GolfLogix Membership

How do I sign up as a ‘Club Member’?

Visit & choose what Smartphone you have. Press the ‘Download Now’ link and follow the on-screen instructions on how to download the application. Once the application is downloaded, open GolfLogix and press ‘Play Golf’. From here, press ‘Sign up as Free Member’ and enter in a valid email address, password, full name, phone number and handicap.

Once you reach to the ‘Search for My Course’ screen, you will be a Club Member. Please keep in mind the 24 hour Champion Membership trial will begin when you choose a course to download. You do not want to miss the opportunity to test the application with all features to determine what membership is best for you.

How do I sign up as a ‘Champion Member’?

The fastest and generally the easiest method to become a Champion member after the 24 hour trial has ended is to go to on your computer. Once on our website, choose who the manufacturer is of the phone and then which supported phone you own. Next, proceed to select the option that says “Purchase Now – Become a GolfLogix Champion Member”.

Signing up as a Champion Member will require you to enter in a valid email address, password, full name, shipping address, billing address, and credit card information. After you complete the sign up process, you will be directed to a confirmation page showing you a member code. This member code will need to be entered into the application to associate the membership to your phone. You will also be sent an email with the member code and login information for the account for future reference.